The Vegan List: amazing plant-based restaurants in Amsterdam

September, 20th 2022

Vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere in Amsterdam, offering food so delicious even the most carnivorous eaters won’t think twice about a plant-based burger...

The Vegan List: amazing plant-based restaurants in Amsterdam

Vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere in Amsterdam, offering food so delicious even the most carnivorous eaters won’t think twice about a plant-based burger – regardless of whether these are made from seaweed or soya beans. Curious what the best vegan hotspots are? Keep on reading; we’ve round-up a list of our fav vegan restaurants! From Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam-Oost to Amsterdam Oud-West, these vegan hotspots are definitely worth your visit.

Best vegan restaurants, recommended by local vegans

In honour of World Veganism Day on November 1, here’s a top-10 vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, as recommended by the local vegans.


1. Mr. & Mrs. Watson

Cheese lovers, tune in. If you have huge cheese cravings or something special to celebrate reserve a spot at Mr. & Mrs. Watson. It’s comfort food with a culinary twist, and the best vegan cheese you can find in Amsterdam. Fun fact: the place is named after Donald Watson and his wife, who coined the word ‘vegan’ in 1944.

Linnaeuskade, Amsterdam


2. Mediametic

Perfect for cosy dinners. Unique about this plant-based restaurant are the small greenhouses with a table for two next to the water. During your intimate dinner with your date, you can enjoy the beautiful view and the vegan dishes – with veggies & herbs from their own aquaponic greenhouse.

Dijksgracht, Amsterdam

3. Flower Burger

Brighten up your day with a fabulous rainbow burger from The Flower Burger, located in the famous ‘Negen Straatjes’. This hotspot serves colourful, plant-based burgers made with only natural ingredients. Trust us, it will look spectacular on your Instagram, and your taste buds will be thrilled too! Oh, and those potato wedges? Irresistible. 

Hartenstraat, Amsterdam


4. Oliver Green

A healthy hotspot for breakfast, salads, bowls and smoothies. How about 'Pesto Avocado Sandwich', 'Hummus Tahini Salad' and 'The Mexican'? Make sure to visit one of the two locations to enjoy those delicious plant-based dishes! And for all the #fitgirls among us: Oliver Green serves vegan protein smoothies too.

Kinkerstraat & Eerste Oosterparkstraat, Amsterdam


5. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Junk food isn’t just for meat eaters – vegans can indulge in grease, too! At the Vegan Junk Food Bar, all the tasty treats are on the menu, including juicy vegan burgers and fries, made completely of plant-based ingredients. The locals seem to love it; the Vegan Junk Food Bar has 4 locations in Amsterdam!

Marie Heinekenplein, Reguliersdwarsstraat, Staringplein & Eerste van Swindenstraat, Amsterdam


6. Veganees

Looking for finger-licking good Asian street food? Veganees serves Asian street food prepared with vegan ingredients. A selection from the menu: gyozas, crunchy tempeh, gado gado, and Thai green curry. Believe us, they know what’s good!

Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, Amsterdam


7. Vegan Sushi Bar

‘They see me rollin’. Looking for vegan sushi in Amsterdam? Go to the Vegan Sushi Bar, a hotspot for every sushi fan. Forget maki with cucumber; they have countless inspiring vegan dishes on the menu. What about Flambé “salmon”, Crunchy California Dream or the Shrimpless Tempura?

Wittenburgerstraat & Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam


8. The Meets

A true Mecca for foodies who love to eat gluten-free, organic and plant-based food. Think matcha green bowls, açai bowls, spirulina pancakes, beet balls, lentil burgers, soups… They have it all! One look at The Meets’ menu, and you're sold. And the interior? Just as colourful as their plant-based snacks.

Sumatrastraat, Amsterdam


9. Morris & Bella

Morris & Bella is the perfect place for fine dining. You can find this vegan hotspot in the Spaarndammerbuurt. Morris & Bella works with seasonal and organic products as locally sourced as possible. Feel free to join us for a four, five or six course menu!

Nova Zemblastraat, Amsterdam


10. Bataat

No meat or fish dishes, but lots of vegan bites and a hip interior. Bataat, formerly known as 'Beter & Leuk', is located in Amsterdam-Oost, close to the Amstel. They cook with local, organic seasonal products as much as possible. Are you blessed with sunny weather? Sit outside and enjoy delicious vegan dishes, high tea and cakes.

1e Oosterparkstraat, Amsterdam


Already crossed these vegan hotspots off your list? Check out H/eart.h, De Peper, Maoz Vegan, Aubergini and Alchemist Garden!