Tips & tricks to relax after a stressful day

April, 12th 2023

Looking for great tips that will help you cope with stress? Here are 7 ways to relax instantly!

Tips & tricks to relax after a stressful day

April serves as Stress Awareness Month, giving us an annual reminder to find ways to avoid (or
manage) stress and anxiety. Although some stress can hurt (it helps you focus during an
important presentation), long-term stress is unhealthy.

Luckily, there are many ways to help
release the tension - we've got you! If you're looking for helpful tips and strategies to relax, these
tips can make you calm down in less than 15 minutes.


1. Go for a walk

Clear your mind and calm down during a nice walk outside. When you’re taking a walk, more oxygen
flows to your brain, stimulating brain activity in connecting brain parts and creating new brain cells.
Stress, depression and anxiety are reduced in the process. Bonus points if you walk through the
woods: this helps you even more to relax.

2. Go offline (reduce your screen time)

Activate 'device-free time' on your smartphone. Turn off all non-essential apps from 9:30 pm to 8:30
am. The result? Because you won’t read that late request from a colleague or annoying email from a
customer until the next day, you’ll sleep soundly at night. And your mornings? Totally yours, too!
You don't waste your time reading negative news stories (or scrolling on Instagram), and you don't
have to constantly reply to your received messages either. Honestly, you never want to go back.

3. Take a Pilates or yoga class

A yoga class will make you totally zen. While exercising, you’ll focus non-stop on your breathing, enjoy soothing music, and you can clear your mind. Additional advantage? You become more flexible, stronger and improve your posture. Do you live, work or stay in Amsterdam? Sign up now for these waterfront yoga classes (with a great view)! Up for a more intense workout? That’s also a great idea! Exercise is a proven stress reducer as elevating your heart rate can release endorphins that will help your mood. 

4. Take a bath 

Take a warm, relaxing bath on Sunday evening! Light some candles, sprinkle fragrant bath foam. Listen to your fav music, read a book or do some breathing exercises. You'll fall asleep quickly tonight, promised.

5. Meditating; not just for hippies

Meditating is for everyone; try it, and you'll quickly fall in love with the benefits. Regularly meditating has lots of health benefits. It helps prevent depression, contributes to emotional balance, helps develop compassion and improves your sleep quality. Also, meditating improves your focus and concentration, lowers blood pressure and can reduce anxiety. Yes, the list goes on! Apps that can help you with the basics of meditation are Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer.


6. Learn to say ‘no’

Do you often find it difficult to say no? Even when you have no time at all? Saying no will help you avoid a considerable workload and countless to-do's. Tips to make "saying no" easier: always insert a pause after someone requests something (avoid blurting out a "YES" right away), study how others say no and remember: practice makes perfect. Also, did you know that "No" is a complete sentence? You got this!


7. Treat yourself (what about a getaway?)

Treating yourself to a getaway does miracles for your mental well-being. Treat yourself to me-time, an amazing girlfriend weekend or quality time with your lover or family. You don't have to book an 8-day all-inclusive holiday on a desert island to relax. What about an amazing hotel with stunning views in lively Amsterdam – like this boutique hotel on the IJ River?