Traveling to Amsterdam? Best tips & tricks for your visit

January, 9th 2023

Traveling to Amsterdam? Best tips & tricks for your visit

Planning a city trip to Amsterdam? Lucky you! From famous museums, charming bookstores, and beautiful canals to green parks and cycling lanes, Amsterdam, with its vibrant vibe, has a lot to offer. We've gathered the best tips & tricks for your visit to the Dutch Capital - especially if it's your first time. 


1. Travel app

9292 is the go-to app in the Netherlands for public transport and allows you to quickly discover the fastest routes between two destinations. This free app provides information about route changes, fairs, line disruptions and travel times. Google Maps also works well if you want to know the fastest way to your next adventure.

2. Check the weather

In the Netherlands, there is always a chance of getting caught in the rain. Luckily for you, there’s an app – Buienradar - to prevent this. Buienradar gives you live updates about expected rainfall in the city. The weather can be changeable and difficult to predict. But, we believe “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. So, wear a light trench coat or windbreaker jacket and a hat. Also, an umbrella might come in handy – usually you can buy one nearby.


3. Amsterdam is not a 24/7 city

Good to know: Amsterdam establishments keep very regular hours. Opening hours in shops are generally from 10am to 6pm, and 8pm or 10pm for supermarkets. Are you getting thirsty or hungry in the early morning or at night? You can download the Flink or Gorillaz app to deliver groceries and other stuff to your location. Yes, even to the park!

4. Pre-purchase tickets if possible

At museums and galleries, it’s best to plan for long queues – especially during the high season from June to August. Ticketed time slots (most can be downloaded to your phone) are available at popular sights like the Anne Frank Huis and Van Gogh Museum and should be booked at least six weeks prior.

5. Book your accommodation in advance

Haven’t booked your hotel yet? Good. Did you know that booking directly with a hotel (instead of a provider like is often a lot cheaper? Also, make sure to book at least four months before your trip, especially if you're visiting during the summer, on the weekend or during favourite holidays such as King's Day or Pride.

6. Foodies, reserve your tables

Seats at your must-visit restaurants are best squared away at least three weeks in advance. Looking for the newest hotspots in town (2023 update!)? Here you can find a list of the most amazing vegan restaurants. Talking about food, you should definitely try bitterballen, herring and stroopwafels! Pssst, for all the cheese addicts: these are the best cheese fondue spots in Amsterdam!

7. Buy an OV-chipkaart

The OV-chipkaart is highly recommended for public transport since it’s more convenient than single tickets and is easily reloadable by cash at machines or by an app. Note: you need to touch on and off, including when getting off trams. There are multiple options, like a weekend ticket or a 24-hour ticket. Choose what fit you best here.

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8. Bring a debit card

Good to know: you can only pay with a credit card at a few shops. In most stores, you have to pay with a regular European debit card. To avoid unpleasant moments, make sure to carry some cash with you.

9. Foresee enough time


We recommend that you plan a longer stay. Ideally, you plan 2-3 days for the main sights and attractions. Then, give yourself enough time to explore the beautiful canals and enjoy a drink at a local restaurant. You'll have a much better experience and a more memorable trip. Promised.

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