We believe it’s important to contribute to a healthy, sustainable and clean environment. And we will do everything we can to preserve the planet while our hotel guests enjoy their getaways. Rumours are that some people even call us BOAT&(E)CO. Curious what we do to create a sustainable future? And how we empower our hotel guests to do the same? Keep on reading!



BOAT&CO has eco-friendliness built into its core. Quite literally: we built it according to Cradle-to-Cradle principles, using sustainable construction materials that produce zero waste. Our efforts have been recognized with the BREEAM Excellent certification. This award shows that we are on the right track with our sustainability ambitions. And we are proud of that!



Sunshine on our terrace is not only relaxing, the sun also helps us generate sustainable energy. BOAT&CO has 424 solar panels placed on the roof. Solar energy is a clean, renewable and limitless energy source. It aids in fighting the emission of greenhouse gasses and minimizes over-dependence on fossil fuels.



Our swill tank also contributes to sustainable energy generation. It collects organic waste that will be converted into compost, biodiesel and biogas. The tank stores a large amount of organic waste, which reduces transport movements. And fewer trips means less CO2 emissions!



Did you know that BOAT&CO offers space for the smallest locals? Our facades contain 40 unique spots for animals to breed and live! There are several bat and bird houses on the roof. We also have insect hotels on the terrace; perfect for bees, butterflies and caterpillars (and you won't notice anything)!



The thing we want the most? You having a good night’s sleep. That’s why we minimize the use of artificial light at night because it can throw off your internal clock and disrupt your sleep-wake rhythm. And hey, this also helps us to minimize emissions. It’s a win-win.



From a great number of stars to an A+++! On all levels, we strive for the best rating. And we nailed it with our energy consumption. The Energy Performance Certificate determines the energy consumption for heating & cooling, ventilation and hot water. The lower the EPC, the less energy we use, and the more plusses for eco-friendliness we get! Our rating? 0,041!



BOAT&CO is located in the Amsterdam Houthaven: the first climate-neutral district in the Netherlands with a combined sustainable cold/heat plant. The installation pumps cold water from the IJ in winter and stores it via a thermal storage water buffer to cool the neighbourhood on hot summer days. Refreshingly ingenious!



Amsterdam’s new-build Houthaven district is linked to the new heat transport pipeline. This pipeline, from the waste energy company (AEB), brings environmentally-friendly heat into the neighbourhood and thereby realizes a CO2 saving of at least 70% compared to high-efficiency boilers per home.



We believe that all good things in life are meant to be shared. That's why our restaurant Vessel offers a menu of delicious culinary dishes that you can easily share, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. By choosing local suppliers and seasonal ingredients, we limit emissions from transport and minimize our ecological footprint. In addition, we hope to encourage our hotel guests to eat less meat by offering amazing vegan dishes.


Naturally, we will not achieve our green ambitions on our own. So we choose our partners and suppliers carefully. That's why we work with:

Roetz | Roetz believes in second chances. That's why recycled bicycle frames are used to produce new bicycles. We encourage our hotel guests to use these cool Roetz bikes instead of their cars. Hop on!

Hotels for Trees | Our proud partner with whom we support afforestation projects that contribute to a greener world. We plant one tree for every cleaning service that a hotel guest skips.

Nespresso | All cups are fully recycled by Nespresso. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. The coffee residues are converted into biofuel and compost.

Marie Stella Maris | In our bathrooms, you will not find single-use plastic products (only great care products from Marie Stella Maris). For every product you buy, this Amsterdam brand donates a fixed percentage of its turnover to sustainable water projects.

The Good Roll | All our toilets have sustainable toilet paper. The sheets are made from European recycled paper, without chlorine, dyes or fragrances. In addition, The Good Roll donates 50% of its net profit to the construction of toilets in Africa.

Print shop 'De Bij' | When we need to print something, we go to print shop De Bij. Not only do they only use organic ink and recycled paper; this company also generates energy using solar panels and has its own windmill. Fun fact: our menus are made from tomatoes (agricultural residual material)!

Blycolin | Our linen supplier who cleans our linen locally and carries the Oeko-tex quality mark. This quality mark guarantees that no environmentally harmful substances have been used in the production of textiles. In addition, ingenious washing processes ensure low water consumption and less CO2 emissions.


Our employees

The make-up of our company and the heart of our hotel is undoubtedly our employees. Whether they are taking care our guest at the Front Desk, creating and serving the most tastefull dishes in our restaurant, clean and maintain our apartments and public spaces, our team is aligned and focused on continuous success. The entire employee journey has been built on retention and personal development and delivering an authentic guest experience. The recruitment process is core in finding talent to entrust to our guests while shaping the hotel’s culture and safeguarding it.

Our community

We actively work together with the community around hotel Boat&Co. We educate and encourage our employees to actively participate in the local society. We do not only encourage our employees, but also our guests to support local initiatives and services. Our employees are experts in giving local tips to our guests. Furthermore our guests are provided with information on the surrounding area’s history, culture and natural environment by the books in their apartments and our online guest directory. For our direct neighbours from the Houthaven we present ourselves as the “living room” of the Houthaven. We offer a place where neighbours can work, relax in our Wellness, enjoy a coffee, eat, drink, or work-out in our Gym. All neighbours are provided with a key chain which gives them access to exclusive events and offers.

Local art

We love to work with local artists at hotel Boat&Co. In our apartments we collaborated with Dutch and Amsterdam based artist Nicolette Brunklaus. She created a series of twelve tapestries inspired by the robust surroundings of the Houthaven. This harbor area was developed in 1876 for the wood transport from Scandinavia. The colours of the tapestries are matched with the interior colours. All of them are signed as a limited collection and custom made for our hotel.